Trails and paths

Dimitsana and nearby villages

Stemnitsa – Lousios River Gorge – Dimitsana

4.45 hours

12.5 km

See: The church of St. George with its bell tower, the Gold and Silversmiths School, the historic monastery of Zoodocho Pigi (1443 A.D.) in Stemnitsa (the goldsmiths’ village). The view towards Megalopolis, the gorge of the Lousios river (where the Nymphs bathed the infant Zeus), with the monasteries of the Baptist, the old Philosophou monastery (963 A.D.) and the New Philosophou Monastery (1691 A.D.) and the Open air Water-Power Museum near St. John’s, Dimitsana....

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Dimitsana – Zygovisti

1.30 hours

3.7 km

See: The Cyclopean walls of ancient Teuthis, the church of St. Kyriaki, the bell tower, the Library, the Museum in the house of Gregory V, the house of Germanos, bishop of Old Patras, the church of St. Paraskevi in Dimitsana, the little monastery of the Apostles- a dependency of the monastery ofAimialou, the monument to the Immortals: the 197 people from Zygovisti who formed the guard of Th. Kolokotronis.

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Zygovisti – Elati

6 hours

16.8 km

See: The Church of the Transformation of the Saviour, the Capodistrian School of 1829, the old church of Agiannis and the “Pera Vrysi” in Zygovisti, the ravine at “St. George’, the ‘crossroads’ at “Bilalis” (an important junction of the old paths which ran towards Rado and Stemnitsa via Chalikovrysi), the plateau – spring “Koskitsa”, the saddle between “Pliovouni” (1643 m) and “Frangovouni”, the “Vlachika” plateau and the forest village of Elati (the woodcutters’ village).

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Elati – Vytina

2.45 hours

8.5 km

See: The valley of the river Mylaonta, the carved stone spring at Makrinos, ancient Methydrion, the Artotsi spring, Vytina (already a resort from before the war), the church of St. Tryphon, the monument to the traveller Potagos and the Folk Museum.

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Vytina – Nymphasia

1.45 hours

5.5 km

See: Old Vytina and the 14th c. byzantine church of the Holy Apostles, the Black Stones (compact chalky mass in the course of the Mylaonta), the stone Bridge of Tzavaraina, Nymphasia, the church of the Holy Trinity.

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Nymphasia – Magouliana

3.5 hours

8.8 km

See: The Dryodasos, the nunnery of Kernitsa, the Sphyrida Hermitage, Argyrokastro, Magouliana, the highest inhabited village of the Peloponnese, the Fotakos statue, the Folk Museum, the enormous plane tree with the spring with five spouts in its roots, the church of the Virgin with its carved wooden iconostasis.

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Magouliana – Valtesiniko

2.15 hours

6.8 km

See: The old Manna Sanatorium, the Ellas valley, Valtesiniko (the Wood Carvers ‘ village), the stone school of Valtesiniko, the Cultural Centre with its laographic collection, the churches of St. Theodori in the centre of the village and of St. George with its octagonal dome built by the masons of Langadia.

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Valtesiniko – Langadia

5 hours

13.9 km

See: The Holy Trinity, the spring at ‘the old woman’s stone’, the “Krya Vrysi”, Grila where the Langadian masons mined sand, the panorama of Draina, the Rapi watermills, Langadia (the stone masons’ village), the monument to the builder, the Heroes Square, the churches of Pammegisti Taxiarchi and John the Baptist, the historic house of the Deligianni family, the Secondary School of Langadia.

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